‘I do not have anything against Bobrisky’ Tosin Silverdam, Daniel Regha sit #WithChude

Chude Jideonwo, host of #WithChude sits with social media commentator, Daniel Regha and popular gossip blogger, Tosin Silverdam.

On how he got into gossip blogging, Tosin shared, ‘I was into blogging online back then, but then I stopped. I got a job at a pharmacy as a social media manager, and things weren’t going so well like that. Then I got a job at Dufil Prima, the makers of Indomie and I was transferred to Kano. I didn’t know anybody in Kano, so I had to go to Kano to start my life over. During the pandemic, people were doing TikTok, so I said, ‘let me try TikTok’. I didn’t know how to dance, but I was doing the normal challenge. One day I decided to do something different that will shake the internet, I just said, ‘5 celebrities that I don’t like’, and just like that it went viral.

Speaking about why he thinks he doesn’t contribute to the toxicity on the internet, Daniel Regha said, “I air honest opinion. Even the haters know that what I am doing is right, otherwise, they should use the block button. Personally, I do not care if my followers drop to 100,000 today. If I can put brands that I work with on blast, why will I care about ordinary following? I would rather have 4,000 legit followers than have people who are stalking me looking for what I am going to wear next to call me and just insult me.”

He also shared how he developed a thick skin to what people think of him, ‘I think I just grew into it. There was a time I was looking for people’s approval on certain things, especially when I was in school. But at one time, I was like, ‘you can’t please people and at the same time, while trying to please people I will end up displeasing myself’.

On his persistent quarrel with the popular cross-dresser, Bobrisky, Tosin said, “I do not have anything against them (Bobrisky). Bobrisky is content. I met Bobrisky in Khloe’s place. Bobrisky came late, so Khloe was like I should wait for Bobrisky, I should see him and we must settle. I was like how many celebrities will I settle with because even if I settle with them today, I will still talk about them. He came in late, he was supposed to sit beside me but he said ‘I can’t sit down beside that guy, he always talks about me’. So, Khloe said I should talk to him. I met with him, and he wasn’t upset by some things I said about him. He said, I called him a liar that he doesn’t lie, and I was comparing him with Papaya and all that, that was the only thing he said, but I can go ahead and talk about him, but I shouldn’t say he or she is a liar”.

On the business of gossip, he shared, “I don’t care what people say, as long as I am making my money. This is just for a period of time, then I will delve into something else”.

Watch the excerpts from the interview here


Chude Jideonwo Presents: The Factual Film & Series Studio releases A Lagos Election Special titled: Eko l’ on pe bi (This is Lagos).

As the gubernatorial elections in Lagos State draw near, Chude Jideonwo Presents, producers of ‘Awaiting Trial’ and ‘Gen Z goes to vote’ releases Eko l’o npe bi, a Lagos Election special. The series feature interviews with the candidates running for governor, providing an in-depth look into their backgrounds, political parties, and plans for the state.

“On 11th of March, 2023, voters in Lagos including myself, will be coming out to select the next governor of Lagos, the person who will lead this state from 2023 to 2027. In this special series we are calling ‘Eko l’o npe bi’, we are supposed to be interviewing the 4 leading candidates. We have Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran “Jandor”, the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the candidate of the Labour Party, Olufunso Doherty the candidate of the African Democratic Congress”, said Chude Jideonwo who is executive producer and director.

“The incumbent governor of Lagos State, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Babajide Sanwo-Olu made a commitment to me to make this interview, unfortunately, there were scheduling conflicts before we had to publish”, he added.

The interview series is available on withchude.com

Watch the excerpts from the interview here:


Lead actors on Dark October – Chuks Joseph, Munachi Okpara, Kem-Ajieh Ikechukwu, Kelechukwu Oriaku, Chibie Olusama, share on #ChudesFilmClub 

The stars discussed what it took to be on such a project and also reacted to the controversies about the real victim’s parents not giving consent to the story to be told and the timing of the story.  

Munachi speaks to being a young person in a country where brutality against young people has become the norm. “‘It’s been happening for the longest time, it hasn’t stopped or reduced. I stay in Surulere, and just opposite my house, they have lynched people more than five times. And nothing has been done about it, it is too barbaric, seeing the times we are in. I feel like, why does it have to be like that? It is really sad, and human beings will walk past and say that it is not my business, and if they even want to make it their business, all they do is post about it, make it into a hashtag, and trends for two weeks. Nobody is ready to take action, and when we do take action, it is a problem.” 

On getting the consent of the family to tell the story, Kem Ajieh Ikechukwu shared, “I would have loved it if we took consent from the family, but now that we didn’t the important thing is the message. I feel like the controversies should be that, this the story has been told and let this (event) not happen again. No to jungle justice. 

On filming the lynching scene, Chuks Joseph shared, “It was hard to film that (lynching) scene. I had to put myself in the shoes (of those in the story). I was Tizzy all through (but) I looked at them and saw my brothers and I’m like okay these people really want to kill us. I tell people it was no longer acting, I felt like I was about to be killed. Some people in the market thought it was real, so people were passing and thought they caught thieves, some actually came to meet us and say ‘are you okay?’ So, we had to be there and no longer act and be like we were about to be killed. 

Reacting to the controversies on social media, Chibie Olusama shared, “I feel like Nigerians need to expand their mindset because the movie teaches a lot. Without me being on this project, I wouldn’t have known about this thing at all. The fact that I got to play in it gave me more insights. Before when I see people beating up thieves, I don’t really care but now, I will like to make that difference. I feel like this story needs to be told. 

“If Nigerians are still behaving like this even after the death of those boys, that means there is actually no justice because they are dead and forgotten, apart for now that we are telling the story. And there are other people like that who have died and nobody knows about it. And there is no actual justice, if we are not doing anything about it” Kelechi added.  

Kem Ajieh Ikekchukwu shared on the choice of cast for the project, “I wasn’t surprised, because I knew that if Linda wanted to tell this story, she wouldn’t use anybody popular because it would take away the authenticity of the project and the message that we were trying to pass across. People would now be like, ‘Oh, my fave is there, let me watch my fave’, they would miss out of the message that we are passing. When she called for audition for millions of boys, I knew that she had a reason. The amazing part was when we now got on set, and we saw that even the other cast were not so popular people. I was so impressed. I am happy that she trusted us with the project”.   

Dark October is a film based on the story of four university students in Nigeria who were accused of theft and killed in a mob attack that sparked nationwide outrage. The film was produced by Linda Ikeji and directed by Toka McBaror 


Watch the excerpts from the interview here

Chude Jideonwo’s ‘Awaiting Trial’ screens in UNILAG

On Thursday, 16th February 2023, Chude Jideonwo’s debut film, Awaiting Trial, was screened at the Biodun Shobanjo Multi-media Complex, University of Lagos. The movie screening was held in partnership with the Department of Mass Communication, UNILAG and attended by students who were all enthusiastic about the film.

In October 2022, Chude Jideonwo Presents : The Factual Film Studio released  ‘Awaiting Trial’ documentary that explores both the #EndSARS protests and the ‘deeper illness’ they point to – the phenomenon in Nigeria’s communal justice system called ‘awaiting trial’ where people are arrested and detained indefinitely without charge.

The film follows the lives of 3 families – Iloanya, Onyemelue, and Yellowe caught by the injustice of the Nigerian Police and down held by its criminal justice system and features actors Falz, Mr Macaroni; activist Rinu Oduala; and Olumide Akpata, former president of the Nigerian Bar Association.

After its 5-day digital screening on YouTube, the documentary has been at the centre of popular discourse, screening at the 2022 African International Film Festival, the effective altruism event in Abuja, the University of Ibadan, and recently at the department of Communication in the University of Lagos.

Speaking about the documentary, a student shared, ‘The movie captured the emotions of the victim’s family members, I think it opened a lot of people’s eyes to a lot of things. People would have heard a lot about this matter (#EndSARS), but their eyes are just getting open to the reality of this situation that we are in. I also love the way the documentary captures the unending evil circle in the system”.

Chude Jideonwo Presents: The Factual Film & Series Studio is set to release its 2023 Nigerian election special themed ‘Gen Z goes to vote’.

The TV special profiles first-time voters, as they navigate and participate in the momentous 2023 national and state elections, while also featuring an extensive roll call of storytellers, candidates and political players from across the country including exclusive interviews with two of the top four presidential candidates, and the nation’s leading political journalists.

“Nigeria’s Gen Z is geared up to really participate in the electoral process for the first time this year, and the excitement across the country – even the region – is palpable,” said Chude Jideonwo who is executive producer and director. “With a third-force movement building momentum for the first time in 50 years, and more first-time voters registering than any time in recent history, this one may just be the election that wakes up generations that are jaded and the Gen Z set that had given up hope.

“Weaving their lifestyles and narratives as the central character of this film, and speaking to its leading lights including influencer Enioluwa Adeoluwa and YouTuber Korty EO, we take a deep dive into how elections actually work in Nigeria, and Gen Z coming of change in a time of hope and despair.”

Shot across 8 states of the country, interviewees include Wole Soyinka, Matthew Kukah, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Peter Obi, Sowore Omoyele, Nasir el-Rufai, Rochas Okorocha, Kadaria Ahmed, Dele Momodu, Samson Itodo, Hamzat Lawal, Yemi Adamolekun, Banky W, Ismail Ahmed, Udo Jude Ilo, Akin Alabi, Enioluwa Adeoluwa, Eniola Olanrewaju (Korty eo), Gbolahan ‘Gaffy’ Gafar, the editorial team at Stears Nigeria amongst others.

The TV special will air on Channels TV and ARISE NEWS on February 18th, 2023 and on African Independent Television and Wazobia TV on February 19th, 2023.

For more on the film, see here.

“I was criticised because of the colour of my skin”, Idia Aisien shares about her role as Nneka on #WithChude

“I was criticised because of the colour of my skin”, Idia Aisien shares about her role as Nneka on #WithChude

TV Host and Actor, Idia Aisien sits with Chude Jideonwo to discuss her debut in acting, relocating to Nigeria and the loss of her dad.

Idia shares her experience playing Nneka in Nneka the pretty serpent – her debut in acting. She shared, “it was an amazing experience. I think it turned me inside out. It felt like I started over in my life, in my thinking and in what I could do as a person.”

She also shared the mixed reactions she got after the release of the film. “When it first came out in the cinemas, I was a little bit heartbroken by some of the comments that people were leaving. Comments about me not being light-skinned or Ibo, about me destroying what meant something to a lot of Nigerians. Nigerians loved their veteran actors; they love their Nollywood classics. So, it was something that I just wished people could see how much passion went into it at the time. But, with the international market, and the kind of feedback we are getting, I am getting messages from the Philippines, French Guiana, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, and Los Angeles. I was hurt at first, because Nneka is a fictional character and anyone could bring something different to the character but I don’t think that tribe and skin colour should matter. I mean, Black Panther was Americans pretending like they are in Africa. A lot of people who criticized it (the film- Nneka the pretty serpent), criticized because of the choice of Nneka, which broke my heart.”

“When Nneka came out, some were like, ‘we heard Idia killed it o’. This very famous female said, ‘abeg, I am sure she paid for that job’. She saw me recently and was nice to me. She said she finally watched it, and it was great, but you know when you hear stuff, it’s like, ‘do I take the one I heard you say’. or ‘do I take how you feel now that you have watched it’. This is why it is important to give people a chance”, she said.

On relocating, she shared that she doesn’t think moving to Nigeria was a good choice, ‘I am not doing what I came to Nigeria to do. When I came to Nigeria, I was working for a private equity firm in New York. I came here because they were investing in banks across Africa, and at that time they were working with Union Bank. It was a great job, and a great opportunity for me, everything was going well for me in New York. And I came to Nigeria and destiny takes me.” She proceeded to share that the difference in earning power, the stereotypes and labels in Nigeria, and putting her life in the public eye, are her regrets about moving to Nigeria.

On the loss of her dad, she said, “the business show on Arise was my dream job. But something quite terrible happened to me in life and I just wanted a fresh start. I lost my dad, and I just didn’t want to do anything I was currently doing ever again. My dad raised me. The stuff that people say about their mum, that was my dad to me. My dad was my hero. He had a car accident and he died.”

Watch the excerpts from the interview here:


#WithChude Valentine special with Ada Jesus

Actor and Content Creator, Chonoso Ukah popularly known as Ada Jesus or Nons Miraj sits #WithChude to discuss dealing with sexual harassment in Nollywood, losing her dad and the recent scandal.

Chinonso narrated her experience when a popular blog posted that she had a threesome, with her best friend and a politician.

“I was shaking because I didn’t know how to explain to my mother that this thing is not true. How do you explain to people that you did not do it because they were not there with you.

“If you Google our name now, you see will a poster of I, Ashmusy and the man in the middle. You understand I want to travel out of the country; do not be thinking this one is ashawo. It was annoying. People were advising me not to comment on that blog. But because I know I am so innocent, I went to their DM and told them ‘God will punish you for this thing, you will die’. Later on, I summoned courage, “Nonso, you didn’t do this thing”. I don’t know the blogger, but whoever is behind it, ‘bring proof!’

“So, when the person wanted to move to new gist, all my friends were like ‘bring proof oh’, ‘don’t go to another gist, because you cannot accuse me just to give your blog a little pop’. Maybe the blog was already dying, and they had to now bring something that would make it trend again. I didn’t like the idea of that, but then again good or bad publicity, it’s all publicity. I have not seen him as a fan, like how my friend said she saw him and recorded him. If I see him, I’ll go and hold his leg. I have never met this man before, that is the honest truth.

Watch the excerpt of the interview, here.

‘My mum bought me my first equipment’, Rexxie shares on #WithChude  

Nigerian Music Producer and Artiste, Rexxie sits with Chude Jideonwo to discuss his creative process, his evolution from being a producer to a recording artiste.  

On his journey to music production, he shared, “It was the point when my mum wasn’t feeling too well, and that period I wasn’t getting much cash from home and I had to do extra, and music was the only thing sorting the bill. My mum had tuberculosis at that time, and no attention was on my side. Although, it (my music production journey) had started from YABATECH, when I came to Lagos. I saw the way everyone was into the music thing, and I felt that I had it in me too.  My mum is more of the handwork kind of person. She was a seamstress; she makes clothes. And she understood the importance of what that was going to help with in the next generation, because you can’t compare handwork and going to school. She saw me doing that and she was like, ‘what can I do to help you?’. She saw that passion and I told her I wanted a sound card and she bought it for me”. 

Rexxie also shares on the process that helps him create genius sounds, “My production starts from the scratch. I am not the kind of person that gives the artiste beat to start freestyling to, the words the artiste is saying inspires what I am pressing. Although there is a team thing- following plans and everything on the side, but the decision comes from following instinct. And that instinct is helping some, it’s affecting some. I look at the space and I look at how people like Blaqbonez, Portable, are still striking the market. They are following their instincts and now everyone is seeing it as a promotional strategy now, but those guys were really just doing the thing. You might see more people doing like them but that doesn’t mean they are being like that”.  

He also shared the experience on his transition from just music production, to recording his own songs, “It blessed me. Imagine the hierarchy between the producer and the artiste. You see producers crying everywhere, saying they have not been paid, but when you own your song, the difference is clear. I am on a different line with other producers. Everyone was saying it was hard. Yes, it is hard, but solution was what I looked for and role models like DJ Khalid. He’s just that guy that does it that way, but on a bigger spectrum.” 

“I am at the point where I am trying to develop myself for the next phase. Because when you unlock one door, you see why you should unlock another door. From being a producer to being an artiste, and now I’m feeling like I want to perform my song, I want to be able to find a way to be that person. I am learning DJ-ing, building confidence to be able to hype and face the crowd. I am at that stage where I am trying to evolve to be the life of the party guy”, he added. 


Watch the excerpts from the interview here:    


Chude Jideonwo on Making Awaiting Trial – by Dika Ofoma

Host of #WithChude, Chude Jideonwo discusses the making of his new documentary, Awaiting Trial and the need for a continued fight against injustice with Dika Ofoma.

In the interview, Chude Jideonwo shared his choice to tell the stories despite the sea of different materials on police brutality in Nigeria and managing the subject’s sensitivity even while telling the different sides of the story.

Awaiting Trial is a documentary that follows the lives of 3 people caught by the injustice of the Nigerian Police and is held by the unfair structures of both the police and the faulty legal system. The film was held in a 5-day online screening in 2022. The film is the debut from Chude Jideonwo Presents, a factual film studio  Africa’s leading independent producer of factual and non-fiction content, both scripted and unscripted – film, series, podcast and TV.

Read the full interview here: https://dikaofoma.substack.com/p/chude-jideonwo-on-making-awaiting

For more information: studio.withchude.com

Chude Jideonwo’s Debut Film, Awaiting Trial, screens at AFRIFF 2022.

On Thursday,10th of November, 2022, Chude Jideonwo’s debut film, Awaiting Trial, screened at Africa International Film Festival, an annual week-long film festival hosted in Lagos, Nigeria. The movie screened at the Landmark Center and hosted guests for the festival who were all excited about the film.

Awaiting Trial is a documentary that explores both the #EndSARS protests and the ‘deeper illness’ they point to – the phenomenon in Nigeria’s communal justice system called ‘awaiting trial’ where people are arrested and detained indefinitely without charge.  The film follows the lives of 3 families – Iloanya, Onyemelue, and Yellowe caught by the injustice of the Nigerian Police and down held by its criminal justice system and features actors Falz, Mr Macaroni; activist Rinu Oduala; and Olumide Akpata,  former president of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Melody, an audience member at the screening, expressed her deep appreciation for the film. “It was very emotional and touching. I wish the government would do something about people still in prison for doing nothing. I also think that on our part, we have a role to play,” she said.

She added, “Just like Chude is doing; it is not a one-person thing. When you see something is wrong going on around, you should be able to stand up for the person instead of working by.”

Other viewers also lauded Chude Jideonwo for his thoughtfulness and boldness in airing these families’ stories and providing insight into the scourge of unwarranted arrests by the Nigerian Police Force, and the oppressive system that is Awaiting Trial. Otobong said, “Chude’s work is phenomenal, it’s investigative journalism, and beyond that, the things he’s talking about – the topic he’s addressing – are things that Nigerians see, and we need to escalate to the relevant authorities with the hope that change will happen.”

Present at the screening were lawyers at the Headfort foundation, a non-profit organization focused on providing free and easy access to justice to indigent and wrongly incarcerated inmates (who were also cast in the documentary) to answer questions from the audience on the subjects raised in the film.

Watch the theme song here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJYixVkVPn0&t=1s

More information on the studio ‘Chude Jideonwo Presents’ is on studio.withchude.com

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