Renowned TV host, filmmaker, and media entrepreneur, Chude Jideonwo, has been recognized as one of The 20 Most Impactful Nigerian Online Media Personalities by leading entertainment magazine

“Chude Jideonwo, a Nigerian TV host, filmmaker, and media entrepreneur, is the one who looks ahead despite the industry forces thrown at him,” the profile states. “He co-sponsored Red Africa and Joy, Inc., an American company, as well as its Nigerian subsidiary, as part of his dynamic leadership in both local and global organisations. His extensive experience in media, advertising, and public relations has aided his overall development. He’s now a multi-faceted professional.

“He delves into news stories with #WithChude, a well-known talk show and podcast that has captivated Africa’s top celebrities and leaders, revealing hidden truths while emphasising social justice and culture. #WithChude is known for breaking news. On #WithChude, Jideonwo creates a welcoming and therapeutic environment in which his guests can open up about events, secrets, and thoughts that they would not normally share with the media.

“Jideonwo’s impact extends beyond media projects. He co-founded RED | For Africa, a media organisation that was instrumental in election processes and social movements in several African countries. His thriving company, The Joy, Inc, collaborates with institutions such as Ford Motor Company and the Lagos State Government. This contributes to the creation of safe and moral environments in business, politics, and culture.”

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