Joy, Inc. invited to participate in the Lagos Mental Health Conference

The human flourishing company, Joy, Inc. has been invited to contribute to the Lagos Mental Health Conference scheduled for January 18, 2022 in Lagos, Nigeria. The theme for the 2022 Conference is “Responding to the Mental Health needs of a 21st Century Megacity.”

Representing the company, the CEO and co-founder, Chude Jideonwo will serve as a panellist in the Panel Session discussing this: ‘Stigma around Mental Health, Mental Health Resilience and Social Support Systems for Mental Wellness.’

The conference is a forum of key Government Ministries and Agencies, Healthcare Professionals, Private Sector, Civil Society Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations designed as a platform to discuss prevailing issues in Mental Health. Identify opportunities and areas for collaboration, as well as professional networking in the Mental Health Sub-sector.

This conference is a sequel to a previously organized event in 2013 where the Governor of Lagos State, top Government functionaries from the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, Private Sector Care Providers, Mental Health Professionals and Social Justice and Security Experts gathered to discuss, engage, and address the Mental and Social Needs of Lagos State. That event served as the springboard for the implementation of the State’s Mental Health Policy, drafting and enactment of the Lagos State Mental Health Law and strategic programs to improve access to mental health services in the State.

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Transforming Spiritual Health in Africa- Joy Inc

Spiritual health in Africa, for a long time, has been perceived as being nourished solely by a supreme being. The African community has failed to recognise that each individual has a part to play in nourishing their own spiritual health. Furthermore, the community has failed to recognise spiritual health as the key component towards attaining a sense of peace, wellbeing, purpose, and hope, which can be achieved on their own. Hence, it has become necessary for organisations like Joy Inc to rehabilitate the space of spiritual health in Africa.

Spiritual Health in Africa

Joy Inc is a storytelling company that uses research to help people live fuller, centred, integrated lives by giving them non-mediated tools that help them navigate the world. The organisation’s core goal of first identifying and paying attention to the human spirit and helping to nourish it. By nourishing it, they help individuals model lives that can inspire others to seek the same path.

This leading company has accomplished this in many countries across Africa through different mediums. It co-hosted “Education as Regenerative Space”, a high-level conversation on mental health and emotional wellbeing, created the Joy Hub, hosted two editions of Re-Treat, a weekend in joy and also created the mad against depression and anxiety network.

The company also offers several products it uses in helping Africans achieve stable spiritual health in africa. One of these is the Joy Life Class, an 8-hour career and planning class that helps professionals build a career path and future they will love. They also have Re.Treat: A weekend in Joy, a series of practical exercises that helps people clear the clutter and confusion in their lives and achieve peace and clarity. The Daily Vulnerable is yet another product in the form of daily newsletters that help readers embrace the fullness of their humanity.

As a revolutionary organisation, the company seeks to completely reform emotional, spiritual, and mental health in Africa with the ultimate aim of eventually transforming Africa as a whole. By harnessing the power of emotions, it seeks to equip youth with the requisite tools that will help them overcome the obstacles that have been preventing them from achieving full potential and transforming their nations.

Joy Inc is an organisation devoted to every individual and their spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing. If you’re looking to discover a sense of purpose for yourself and ultimately attain a life well lived, let Joy Inc be your guide.

JOY INC: Revolutionising mental health space in Africa!

Mental health has never been of much significance in Africa. The average African doesn’t know their mental space can be protected or what it entails to ensure such protection. Luckily, companies like Joy Inc, who seek to transform the culture of mental health in Africa, are achieving milestones in bringing mental health awareness.

Revolutionising mental health space in Africa

Joy Inc is a teaching and media company that utilises research and evidence on human flourishing and positive emotions, to improve mental and emotional health in Africa. The company seeks to transform Africa into a mental, emotional, and spiritual safe place.

Since its inception, the company has played a major role in revolutionising mental health in Africa. They have managed to equip Africans, communities, organisations and nations with the tools, skills and behaviours to build resilience, transcend adversity, solve problems and find joy.

This leading company has recognised the importance of good mental health in building flourishing youth who can change the future of Africa; hence they have come up with a sustainable plan. They are to be focused on building a new generation of Africans who wield the power of community and positive peer pressure to drive growth on the five key pillars of subjective well-being.

Built with a seven year vision – 2018 – 2025, Joy Inc has made massive efforts to bring joy and happiness into Africa. This innovative organisation has created programs like masterclasses targeted at helping businesses build mentally safe workspaces for their employees. The company also hosted 18 editions of its Joy masterclasses in 6 cities, across 4 continents.

In addition to their achievements, the company launched the Joy Hub, a program meant to provide emotional and mental help to youth struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and similar things. People are taught to answer five important questions guaranteed to give them the necessary freedom into joy –

  • What am I really feeling?
  • What am I really thinking?
  • What am I really doing?
  • What is the (unarguable) reality?
  • What will I do next?

Joy Inc believes the answer to these questions creates a shift in consciousness capable of bringing people into joy.

With about ten visions focused on spiritual health, poverty, acceptance, trust, welfare, hygge, freedom, job and education, the company plans to create a world where everyone knows well being is just as important as wealth. If there’s anyone making the right waves towards revolutionising mental health in Africa, it’s Joy Inc.

How Joy, Inc. Is Revolutionising Africa’s Mental Health Space

Joy, Inc., one of Africa’s leading organisations dedicated to building happier and flourishing Africans, has radically changed the mental health space in Africa over the past few years.

Since its inception Joy, Inc., through its various initiatives, has played a crucial role in changing Africa’s mental health narrative.

In 2018 alone, the organisation organised 4 masterclasses targeted at helping organisations build joyful, healthy and productive workspaces for staff members. These masterclasses, which promote stress-free workplaces and better work-life balances, are pivotal in revolutionising workplace experiences in Africa.

Taking its effort in re-educating people on mental health further, in 2018, Joy, Inc. hosted 18 editions of its Joy masterclasses in 6 cities across 4 continents. Through these masterclasses, Joy, Inc. has equipped many people with positive emotions and with the skills they need to stay productive, resilient, joyful and positive in today’s current harsh emotional climate.

Additionally, the organisation has published over 500 editions of its The Daily Vulnerable and over 300 editions of its #WithChude’s newsletters. Through these publications, Joy, Inc. is correcting these misconceptions and misinformation, gradually making Africa’s mental health space safe.

The leading organisation launched The Joy Hub– a place where young people dealing with depression, trauma, anxiety and suicidal thoughts can access emotional and mental help. This hub will play a vital role in crashing Africa’s caseload of depression and suicide frequency.

Drawing from a body of research from experts on positive psychology and education, Joy, Inc. continues to transform Africa’s mental health space, one individual, one organisation and one community at a time.

Finding Your Way to Joy with Joy, Inc.

What does joy mean to you?

In simple terms, it can mean happiness that is deep-rooted. Happiness that is inspired not by external circumstances but a force from within.

But what do you do when the internal force that is needed to power your joy is missing? Where do you turn to when you need to be inspired for joy?

Or better still, what if you found a company whose objective is to help you navigate the complexities of life such that you can make space for joy?

A company that tells evidence-based stories that tend to the core elements – mind, heart, spirit – that make up your being.

Joy, Inc. is that company.

The professionals here recognise that to change Africa’s story and produce happier Nigerians and Africans; one must attempt to change the mindset and behaviours that its citizens have mastered for as long as they have lived.

The prosperity of Nigeria is only as good as the prosperity of Nigerians. One of the ways to achieve higher levels of prosperity is to change people from inside out. A joyful people make for a joyful and prosperous nation.

As a company, we are equipping people and communities with the tools, skills, and behaviours to build resilience, transcend adversity, solve problems and find joy.

It also owns The Joy Hub, a walk-in space for people who are dealing with depression and anxiety or who just need a safe space to pour out their hearts. This is in addition to The Joy Retreat where its founder, Chude Jideonwo, spends time helping attendees navigate their path to healing.

Joy, Inc. does not promise to hand out joy to individuals who desire it but with its leading, you can be empowered to search within and reawaken that internal force you need to power up your joy.

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