Joy, Inc., one of Africa’s leading organisations dedicated to building happier and flourishing Africans, has radically changed the mental health space in Africa over the past few years.

Since its inception Joy, Inc., through its various initiatives, has played a crucial role in changing Africa’s mental health narrative.

In 2018 alone, the organisation organised 4 masterclasses targeted at helping organisations build joyful, healthy and productive workspaces for staff members. These masterclasses, which promote stress-free workplaces and better work-life balances, are pivotal in revolutionising workplace experiences in Africa.

Taking its effort in re-educating people on mental health further, in 2018, Joy, Inc. hosted 18 editions of its Joy masterclasses in 6 cities across 4 continents. Through these masterclasses, Joy, Inc. has equipped many people with positive emotions and with the skills they need to stay productive, resilient, joyful and positive in today’s current harsh emotional climate.

Additionally, the organisation has published over 500 editions of its The Daily Vulnerable and over 300 editions of its #WithChude’s newsletters. Through these publications, Joy, Inc. is correcting these misconceptions and misinformation, gradually making Africa’s mental health space safe.

The leading organisation launched The Joy Hub– a place where young people dealing with depression, trauma, anxiety and suicidal thoughts can access emotional and mental help. This hub will play a vital role in crashing Africa’s caseload of depression and suicide frequency.

Drawing from a body of research from experts on positive psychology and education, Joy, Inc. continues to transform Africa’s mental health space, one individual, one organisation and one community at a time.