Spiritual health in Africa, for a long time, has been perceived as being nourished solely by a supreme being. The African community has failed to recognise that each individual has a part to play in nourishing their own spiritual health. Furthermore, the community has failed to recognise spiritual health as the key component towards attaining a sense of peace, wellbeing, purpose, and hope, which can be achieved on their own. Hence, it has become necessary for organisations like Joy Inc to rehabilitate the space of spiritual health in Africa.

Spiritual Health in Africa

Joy Inc is a storytelling company that uses research to help people live fuller, centred, integrated lives by giving them non-mediated tools that help them navigate the world. The organisation’s core goal of first identifying and paying attention to the human spirit and helping to nourish it. By nourishing it, they help individuals model lives that can inspire others to seek the same path.

This leading company has accomplished this in many countries across Africa through different mediums. It co-hosted “Education as Regenerative Space”, a high-level conversation on mental health and emotional wellbeing, created the Joy Hub, hosted two editions of Re-Treat, a weekend in joy and also created the mad against depression and anxiety network.

The company also offers several products it uses in helping Africans achieve stable spiritual health in africa. One of these is the Joy Life Class, an 8-hour career and planning class that helps professionals build a career path and future they will love. They also have Re.Treat: A weekend in Joy, a series of practical exercises that helps people clear the clutter and confusion in their lives and achieve peace and clarity. The Daily Vulnerable is yet another product in the form of daily newsletters that help readers embrace the fullness of their humanity.

As a revolutionary organisation, the company seeks to completely reform emotional, spiritual, and mental health in Africa with the ultimate aim of eventually transforming Africa as a whole. By harnessing the power of emotions, it seeks to equip youth with the requisite tools that will help them overcome the obstacles that have been preventing them from achieving full potential and transforming their nations.

Joy Inc is an organisation devoted to every individual and their spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing. If you’re looking to discover a sense of purpose for yourself and ultimately attain a life well lived, let Joy Inc be your guide.