Mental health has never been of much significance in Africa. The average African doesn’t know their mental space can be protected or what it entails to ensure such protection. Luckily, companies like Joy Inc, who seek to transform the culture of mental health in Africa, are achieving milestones in bringing mental health awareness.

Revolutionising mental health space in Africa

Joy Inc is a teaching and media company that utilises research and evidence on human flourishing and positive emotions, to improve mental and emotional health in Africa. The company seeks to transform Africa into a mental, emotional, and spiritual safe place.

Since its inception, the company has played a major role in revolutionising mental health in Africa. They have managed to equip Africans, communities, organisations and nations with the tools, skills and behaviours to build resilience, transcend adversity, solve problems and find joy.

This leading company has recognised the importance of good mental health in building flourishing youth who can change the future of Africa; hence they have come up with a sustainable plan. They are to be focused on building a new generation of Africans who wield the power of community and positive peer pressure to drive growth on the five key pillars of subjective well-being.

Built with a seven year vision – 2018 – 2025, Joy Inc has made massive efforts to bring joy and happiness into Africa. This innovative organisation has created programs like masterclasses targeted at helping businesses build mentally safe workspaces for their employees. The company also hosted 18 editions of its Joy masterclasses in 6 cities, across 4 continents.

In addition to their achievements, the company launched the Joy Hub, a program meant to provide emotional and mental help to youth struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and similar things. People are taught to answer five important questions guaranteed to give them the necessary freedom into joy –

  • What am I really feeling?
  • What am I really thinking?
  • What am I really doing?
  • What is the (unarguable) reality?
  • What will I do next?

Joy Inc believes the answer to these questions creates a shift in consciousness capable of bringing people into joy.

With about ten visions focused on spiritual health, poverty, acceptance, trust, welfare, hygge, freedom, job and education, the company plans to create a world where everyone knows well being is just as important as wealth. If there’s anyone making the right waves towards revolutionising mental health in Africa, it’s Joy Inc.