What does joy mean to you?

In simple terms, it can mean happiness that is deep-rooted. Happiness that is inspired not by external circumstances but a force from within.

But what do you do when the internal force that is needed to power your joy is missing? Where do you turn to when you need to be inspired for joy?

Or better still, what if you found a company whose objective is to help you navigate the complexities of life such that you can make space for joy?

A company that tells evidence-based stories that tend to the core elements – mind, heart, spirit – that make up your being.

Joy, Inc. is that company.

The professionals here recognise that to change Africa’s story and produce happier Nigerians and Africans; one must attempt to change the mindset and behaviours that its citizens have mastered for as long as they have lived.

The prosperity of Nigeria is only as good as the prosperity of Nigerians. One of the ways to achieve higher levels of prosperity is to change people from inside out. A joyful people make for a joyful and prosperous nation.

As a company, we are equipping people and communities with the tools, skills, and behaviours to build resilience, transcend adversity, solve problems and find joy.

It also owns The Joy Hub, a walk-in space for people who are dealing with depression and anxiety or who just need a safe space to pour out their hearts. This is in addition to The Joy Retreat where its founder, Chude Jideonwo, spends time helping attendees navigate their path to healing.

Joy, Inc. does not promise to hand out joy to individuals who desire it but with its leading, you can be empowered to search within and reawaken that internal force you need to power up your joy.