In our world today, it is not unusual to hear of depression and its effects. Statistics have shown that millions of people worldwide experience depression daily due to various circumstances in their lives. In Nigeria alone, the WHO states that over 7 million individuals are depressed.

In a bid to curb depression and help individuals experience a more positive outlook, researchers from diverse fields are constantly carrying out studies to understand what makes individuals happy and how happiness influences the world around them. This interest has given rise to the field of happiness research.

Happiness research is a field of study focused on the well-being of individuals and societies and the consistency of positive emotions they experience, and the degree to which they are satisfied in life. It also explores how individuals view adverse circumstances with a positive lens and recover quickly from them. In a world where depression cases rise daily, happiness research has been a welcome development to help individuals experience increasing states of happiness.

Happiness research has been shown to influence physical health, emotions and mental health positively. Happiness studies are undertaken to understand what factors are responsible for the consistent happiness people experience. So far, many fields such as psychology, sociology, and philosophy have drawn from the study’s evolving results to aid the lifestyle of more individuals.

In Nigeria, research has shown that individuals express a high state of happiness despite the socio-economic challenges they face. Although these results are encouraging, more work is still being carried out to further increase the level of happiness individuals and societies experience.

Organisations such as Joy Inc. have devoted themselves to ensuring that more individuals, schools, organisations and the nation at large experience greater levels of happiness. They are constantly involved in exploring happiness research in Nigeria as well as Africa at large. With increasing interest in happiness studies in Nigeria, the nation has a higher chance of social and economic transformation as happy people translate to happy organisations and, ultimately, a happy nation.

From results so far, happiness research in Nigeria has the potential to help individuals live cheerfully, create joyful atmospheres in schools and workplaces and promote a serene, compassionate atmosphere within the entire nation.