National Depression Report

The Nigeria National Depression Report is produced by Joy, Inc., in partnership with NOIPolls, the number one for country-specific public opinion polling and research organization in West Africa and researchers at Yale.

The report contains result from the nation-wide happiness and depression survey conducted across all the 36 states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), internal surveys from The Joy Congress and up-to-date data on the state of the depression crisis in Nigeria.

Insights from the report include:

  • 31.6% of polled respondent reported experiencing depressive symptoms. Putting this in perspective, 3 out of every 10 Nigerians are at risk of depression.
  • 27.8% of respondents reported experiencing symptoms of anxiety
  • Most Nigerians surveyed defined happiness as having the basic needs of life. The second largest group of respondents defined happiness as having peace of mind.
  • Several Nigerians believed that they are averagely satisfied (4.99) with their life as a whole these days, and are hopeful that they will be better satisfied in life five years from now. Most Nigerians also felt they were better five years ago (standing at 6.41) than they are currently.
  • While both physical and mental health are important for a flourishing life, mental illness explains more of the misery in the society more than physical illness, poverty or unemployment.
  • Nigeria need to be proactive in taking mental and emotional health seriously by reviewing the national mental health policy and creating a viable legislative framework to meet global standards, investing in public education to influence the culture to one that promote resilience and create safe spaces for emotional and mental healing, and investing in research, innovation and development.
  • New metrics for measuring human progress should move from the use of financial values like GDP and focus on happiness and flourishing of citizens.

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