Smiling African Children

Our Core

“Beyond the research, we pay attention first and foremost to the human spirit.” 

We are a storytelling company - helping people live fuller, centered, integrated lives; by giving them non-mediated do-it-yourself tools to help them (and us, as fellow travellers) navigate an emotionally, mentally and spiritually complex world, evidence by a stunning rise in mental illness and diseases of despair.

We are interpreters of the research and evidence across disciplines centered on joy - helping decision-makers create and sustain safe spaces, helping individuals model lives that can inspire others to choose differently and guiding the culture to center first and foremost on tending to the fullness of the human being (mind, heart and spirit).

Inspired by the pioneering work of teachers like Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Elkhart Tolle and Katie Bryon, we focus on telling stories of such a texture and power that they cause a shift in consciousness and, on invitation, teaching the willing to spread this message of joy through their lives and spheres of influence - with a focus on schools, organisations and governments.

You are not alone in the stirrings of your heart as to a kinder, gentler, more beautiful world (business, religion, education, governance). 

We are all in this together.